Linda Miller: Wasting Time


Can all your worries add a single moment to your life? (Luke 12:25)

Wasting Time

Why do you worry?
Why do you fret?
It is easy to see
You’re not dead yet!

What can you gain
By worry and strain?
Why fill each day
With unwanted pain?

If all of your plans
Slip through your hands.
Then maybe your schemes
Are unworthy dreams.

It isn’t your life
You are living you know.
It is only borrowed
For your time here below.

Dream all you can,
But before you pursue,
Pray to the Father
His Will to show you.

All of your blessings
Are His to bestow.
His Plan is better
Than any we know.

He will fill you with peace
In the darkest of storms;
He will wrap you in Love
And protect you from harm.

So take each day
As the Gift it is.
And never forget
Your life is all His.

Linda Tracy Miller
LLTM © 5-16-2012


Linda Miller lives in Little Rock, Arkansas, where she recently retired from the Arkansas Baptist State Convention. Linda is a widow, a mother of four children, and she has eight grandchildren. Besides family, she loves God, music, and words. Her purpose for being is to share glimpses of glory, to brighten the lives of those around her, and to affirm that God knows best even when we don’t understand.
What are you worrying about today?

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