Thank You, Cec Murphey and Twila Belk!

Why am I celebrating the release of Heavenly Company:Entertaining Angels Unaware compiled by Cec Murphey and Twila Belk?

I received my contributor copies of Heavenly Company in the mail today. And I’m so honored that they chose my story, “Watchmen,” for this book.

Tara’s eyes brightened, as she continued to describe her protectors, “They wore white clothes. One of them had a big, gold sword with little drawings on the handle.” Tara traced a line on the palm of her hand, as she recalled the etchings on the sword. “His sword was really long—from his waist to the ground.” As Tara described the sword, she bent over to her side and reached to the ground with one hand and up toward the sky with the other.”

I’m also grateful to Twila Belk for inviting me to submit my “angel story” for the Heavenly Company book project at the 2011 CLASS Christian Writers’ Conference. [One of the many benefits of attending such a great writers’ conference!]

In this collection of real-life stories from encounters with God’s angels and mysterious, helpful strangers, Cecil Murphey and his co-writer, Twila Belk, masterfully bring together stories from all over the world that share one thing in common: the way in which God uses his messengers to touch our lives. Heavenly Company

I hope you’ll check out this powerful book–a compilation of stories about people “who have encountered angels, seen and unseen” (Heavenly Company).


What benefits have you discovered attending a writers’ conference?